We’re a small group of talented and experienced UK ghostwriters, dedicated to the art of helping you write your book and express your ideas in your own voice.
We specialise in non-fiction and have ghosted hundreds of books, many of which have topped the sales charts including the Sunday Times bestseller list.
We also help our clients with blogs, articles, book proposals, case studies or ‘rescuing’ book projects that have got stuck.
It’s our job to write the book you’ve dreamed of. The book that tells your story or transforms your business. The book that puts you in the spotlight. The book that makes you proud.

We make it easy.

We formed United Ghostwriters to give you access to the finest ghostwriting talents around, without the hassle of trawling the internet or ending up with a writer who’s not right for you.

That means we’re not an agency. There are no ‘middle man’ fees to pay, and you can choose who you work with and how.

By the way, we’re not the cheapest but we’re the best. Your book deserves nothing less, because it’s got your name on it.

To get started, please take a look at our profiles and make contact with the person or people you’re most interested in.
When you’ve found the right ghostwriter, the two of you can discuss the project in greater depth and agree how to work together.
Check out our About and FAQs pages for more details.

'Some of the ghostwriters in this group I have known personally for many years, others by reputation. All have proven themselves to be skilled writers and are experienced in helping clients achieve their publishing goals'

Andrew Crofts, bestselling ghostwriter of 80 books

What to do next


Go to the top menu and click on the service you’re interested in.


Check out our profiles to see who suits you best. You’ll find a list of the relevant ghosts on each service page.


Get in touch with as many or as few of our ghostwriters as you like and start the conversation.